How does it feel when you make something precious and then grant it as a gift to someone precious to you? This is different from something you buy and then grant as a gift. “Mom, how could you get all those wounds in your feet and hand just to weave a towel for me?” Hand-made gifts requires effort and time, sometimes sacrifice. This is why people appreciate hand-made gifts although they are simple. Of course, the things we buy for someone are also appreciated.

These are some of the hand-made gifts:
1. Hand-woven shoulder bag
Shoulder bags are good enough for a lady.
2. Painting
This is one of the best gifts you could ever give to someone.
3. Sculpture
This is not common gift that can be made by someone himself.
4. Scrapbook
This is one of the common gifts that is given.
5. Purse
This is good for inspiring people keep their money safe in their purse.
6. Bracelet
Bracelet makes a girl or a boy feel beautiful.

With how you make a gift you can see that your affection, thought and emotions are deeply engraved on it. When you make, hand-woven towel, is it easy? Hand and feet blister until they bleed? What do you feel? Your shed tears when you can’t make a perfect one, you sweat when you feel it is hard to make. Still, you keep up doing it view page Then, grant it as a gift to someone you love, what do you feel?