‘It is better to give than to receive.’ This Christian teaching has been taught to the global village. Why give? Why not receive? Gift-givers bear this saying in mind. When you give something to someone, what is your mindset? When you receive something from someone, what do you feel? The difference of your feeling with these two action makes you think that they are totally different view. And the denser feeling of pleasure that you feel is a decisive factor of the better action. Who then are the gift-givers?

Since birth, we have been receiving something from our parents—love, material things, etc. what about the community we live in? Countless things are received from around us. What about the greatest gift that we receive? Life, air, water, are examples of gifts we cannot imagine. What have you realized? We cannot fathom the things that we receive every second of our breath! Now we see that we are innate beings who are bound to receive something in order to survive
. This is probably the reason why we take pleasure in giving rather than receiving.

A famous  said ”Since we already have everything , should we not give at least something that other’s need? All we have to do is to address someone’s need in order to take pride in our self. Come to think of it, we already have many things that are piled up but we do not see it. When we give, blessings come all the more. “