Hello everyone. Today we’re going to show you how to make a gift basket. This is a really fun gift basket.

We have three sheets of tissue paper. These colors represent common colors that we see in our Hmong clothing, so we’re just using it here in our basket.

We have some pink, black, and green. We’re folding them into 1-inch folds. They don’t have to be perfect, but you want to make them even, because we are going to be cutting it.

Continue folding until you get to the end of the tissue paper. Now fold it in half. We’re just using some ties for it to secure them in place, but if you have a stapler, you could staple the bottom, it works the same.

If you have some wires, you can use them too. We’re only using three sheets of tissue paper, but if you like a more full look, you can add more. You can also adjust the colors as you like.

Now we will be cutting a little curved shape at the tip. We’re just taking a pen and outlining the pattern, so that we know how to cut along the edge. For the next part, we’re going to fast forward it, because you’ll be bored just watching the opening of the pieces, but you get the general idea. Just fluff them up. Once you have them fully opened, you can twist them again, so it looks like a fan.

Now it’s time to add the ribbon around the basket.