Why do you give gifts to your friends, families, or to any person related you? Come to think of it, we always think of giving something to anyone that could please them. Wherever you go, gifts are showered to people. What is there behind giving gifts? Why is it so common now to spend something worth for someone? Now gifts are cheap, expensive, and even priceless. There must be something that we didn’t know behind these. Language is a part of history. Therefore, literature would tell us something about this.

In the time of the kings or Middle age, kings exchanged gifts with each other for alliance. Though history proves this fact, the certain date of when gifts started to be given is not sure. During the bronze age Hebrew people had already given gifts. When we see their belief, it can help us a lot. Hebrew people believe that a Supernatural being is giving them everything—air, food, clothing, etc. for them, their life given by their God is a priceless gift. To give thanks to their God, they also give gifts to him and to their neighbors

An autocad public relation said “This culture has been passed down to us to this very day. The brain of human works, as in giving gift is a pleasure of the mind to express the feeling of gratitude and love. Now, giving gifts have been upgraded by the passing of time. It has become common for people to give gifts on special like holidays, anniversaries and birthdays.”