When your friend’s birthday comes, you worry that you might not be able to him a gift. You worry that he might get hurt when he does not receive anything from you. At the same time you have not enough money to buy him an expensive gift you know he wants. What should you do? Are you going to borrow money just for you to be able to please him? What about making something that does not cost you a lot but will satisfy him? Take a look at this list

1. Painting
2. Literary pieces
A poem and short story can do if you have not prepared that much but if you think you can make a novel, probably a story of both of you, pretty nice.
3. Album
4. Small cup cakes
5. Flower Basket
Make a flower basket out of your resources and place a flower as a gift to your friend.
6. CD
Video files you have taken or you yourself can make a video out of the photos you have.
7. Bracelet.
8. Hand bag
9. Purse
10. Jams

An employee said ”Home-made gifts have the same worth with the expensive gifts you buy by your hard-earned money. The time you spend and effort to prepare gifts for your friend are priceless your friend can not pay. These will hit your friend if he understands that you did all to prove your strong affection towards him. Besides this, you can gain profit also by designing gifts and market it online. There are many ways on how to market your gifts online,  give it up here www.keywordseo.com.tw. Gifts are treasured well if you make an effort selling it online.