Whenever Christmas is near, people are excited to buy gifts for their loved ones. They literally understand Christmas as the time to give or receive gifts. During December, they almost spend the month enjoying. They believe that spending time with their loved one is one of the best gifts they could give. It is not much to say that some people would work for the whole year for Christmas season. Is giving gifts on Christmas right or wrong? In order to find the answer, let’s see the origin of Christmas.

Encyclopedia Britannica says that Christmas on December 25 is the date to commemorate the birth of the Unconquered Sun, the god of Rome and Mithra the sun-god of Persia. This was then adapted by the Roman Christians and instituted the date as the Birthday of Jesus in 354 AD. Is this not surprising? Pope Benedict the XVI admitted the fact that the date of Jesus’ birth on the date is a myth, no historical basis. Different religious leaders also know this fact.

We see that celebrating Christmas is a religious tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation to this very day. Religious denominations are arguing over this fact. Still, people tend to celebrate this saying that it has already been fixed in their minds. On the contrary, their religious leader reveal to their members how Christmas came about. With religious and historical basis that Christmas is the birthday of the sun-god, one thing remains: whether you celebrate Christmas or not is your decision. Learn more about online marketing services for your business. Here is a link for you to read,  enjoy browsing this page. Have fun and hope for the success of your business in the world of digital marketing.