Why do we give gifts? When we are born we have learned to receive and give gifts. At first, we have understood that we should give gifts because its holiday, or birthday or wedding.  So we usually focus on what things we will receive inside the box. As we grow up we come to understand that giving gift is not just to give materialistic things but to show what is in our heart. It is a way to express how we care, love and understand a person.

Then, what’s the greatest gift a child can receive? These list suggest greatest gifts a child can receive to grow well in the world from their parents.

  1. Every child long to receive love from their parents.
  2. Parent’s presence is what child really wants. Even though you send the most expensive toy to your child. Celebrating birthday without parents cannot fill the hole in children’s heart.
  3. Helping them to cultivate their talents by enrolling them to courses they want like arts or dance class.
  4. Set goal together with them.
  5. Hugs and kisses.
  6. Having meal together.
  7. Spiritual life lessons.

A mother in a company uttered “Children are amazing gift and Gods creation that can grow to be great or complacent adult depending on how they were raised. Children needs good support and love to become a great person. The best gift that they can receive is the factors that will mold them to what they can become in the future from this dental clinic reference 久燦牙醫. Surely, it is not the physical gift that would just give physical and temporary joy.”